About Us

Transforming Life. Inspiring Design. Infinitely.

Our name, inD’finity Design is unique. The initial “D” carries a double meaning. It is the initial of our founder’s name, Darren Gan, and initial of “Design”.

Established in 2009, inD’finity Design is beyond an interior design, architecture and lifestyle service provider. We are one of the rare few design houses to be awarded ISO9001 Certification for delivering systematic, cost-efficient, socially responsible and quality services. As a totally integrated service provider, we provide interior design consultancy, design concept to execution, architectural implementation and project management.

We led a humble beginning with only 3 clients and Darren Gan as the only man for the job back then. But over the years, we have grown by leaps and bounds. Today, our work portfolio include blue-chip clients ranging from local to multinational companies in overseas such as Boustead Group, Smoothie Factory Global, Kraiburg TPE, Myeong Dong Toppoki, Queto Pro Herbalife Malaysia, Greaten Bridge and more. And our landmark designs are featured prominently in India, Abu Dhabi, Cambodia, Dubai and Oman. We also take pride in having individual home owners whom we have a good relation. Nothing is too big or small when it comes to clients. We value everyone.

To this end, we have won an armful of awards and accolades such as MUSE Design Award (US), Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021, Atap Design Awards 2019,2020 and 2021, 2020 and 2021 Doty Designer of the Year Awards, Golden Bull Award 2020, SME 100 Award 2017, Asia Honesty Award 2015 and more. And we are ready to take the world by storm.
Our Business Value
We Design . We Build . We Care
We don’t see ourselves as merely a design house. We see ourselves as life-changing experience for people. We are here not just to design house but home, and not just to create a commercial architecture but transform and upgrade livelihood with space and design that serve its purposes.

Our mission is to have a 3-prong upgrade strategy:
Upgrade our service quality
Upgrade lifestyle
Upgrade the whole industry
In short, we are here to create a livable, sustainable, uplifting quality living for everyone. “ We Design . We Build . We Care ” encapsulates our business value that inD’finity Design is not just about us but YOU.